Reviews/essays for magazines

James Pfaff. Alex & Me. 1000 Words 23, Autumn issue 2016.

Dragana Jurisic. My Own Unknown. 1000 Words 22, Spring issue 2016.

Vittorio Mortarotti. The First Day of Good Weather. 1000 Words 21. Winter Issue 2016.

On Devastation and other Stories. An Entry on Regine Petersen. Photocaptionist 2015.

Regine Petersen: Find a Fallen Star. Essay accompanying the homonym book by Regine Petersen: Find a Fallen Star. Kehrer Verlag, 2015.

La Kursala. Aperture Photobook Review 007.

Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Dear Clark, 1000 Words 16, Autumn issue 2013.

Rinko Kawauchi, Sheets. Book press release. Kominek books, due to be published (November 2013).

Misha Kominek, Strangers in Paradise. Book press release. Kominek books, 2013. ISBN 978-3-9815105-4-6

Misha Kominek, First Journey Home. Book press release. Kominek books, 2013. ISBN 978-3-9815105-5-3

Alexandra Catiere, Here, beyond the mists, 1000 Words 16, Fall issue 2012.

Robert Capa: Cuadernos de guerra en España (1936-1987 /Robert Capa: Photographs 1985 / Robert Capa: Paragraphic 1969 / Robert Capa: Images of War, 1964 / Robert Capa, War Photographs, 1960. A series on articles on the history of the Robert Capa photobooks: Robert Capa en la historia del fotolibro. Exhibition blog La Maleta Mexicana, MNAC 2011-2012.

Rinko Kawauchi, Illuminance, 1000 Words 12, Fall issue 2011.

Martina Hoogland-Ivanow, Far Too Close, 1000 Words 11, Spring issue 2011.

Tereza Zelenková, Supreme Vice, 1000 Words 10, Winter issue 2011.

Melinda Gibson, The Photograph as Contemporary Art, 1000 Words 9, Fall issue 2010.

José Ramón Bas, NDAR, Vu Mag 5 (collections), p. 53.

Emily Hanako Momohara, Koden: Images from Funeral Homes, 1000 Words 8, Summer issue 2010.

Hellen van Meene: Tout va a disparaitre, 1000 Words 7, Spring issue 2010.

Lilian Bassman/Paul Himmel, Eyemazing 04/2009.

Anthony Gayton: Beautiful Freaks, Eyemazing 04/2009.

Kelli Connell: Double Life, 1000 Words 6, Spring issue 2009.

Steve McCurry: The Unguarded Moment, Eyemazing 03/2009.

Theresia Viska: La Dance Française, Eyemazing 03/2009.

Jen Davis: Self-Portraits, 1000 Words 5, Summer issue 2009.

Miroslav Tichý: Forbidden Gaze, Eyemazing 02/2009.

Vladimír Židlický: Beneath the Skin, Eyemazing 02/2009.

Czech Photography in the 20th Century: Interview with curator Vladimír Birgus. Eyemazing 02/20009.

Martin Parr: Mexico, Photoicon, 05/2009.

Izima Kaoru: Landscapes with a Corpse, 1000 Words 4, Spring issue 2009.

Gerardo and Fernando Montiel Klint: Matehuala, Eyemazing 01/2009, p. 82-91.

Gonzalo Bénard: The Awakening of the Self, Eyemazing 01/2009, p. 134-141.

Dana Popa: Not Natasha. Next Level 16 (Autograph Issue), 2008, p. 074-079.

Trinidad Carrillo: Naini and the Sea of Wolves. Conversation with Trinidad Carrillo, 1000 Words 3, Winter issue 2008.

Ixone Sádaba: Poètique de la Desaparition, Eyemazing 04/2008, p. 142-149.

Marcos López: Sub-realismo criollo. Eyemazing 03/2008, p. 64-69.

Lalla A. Essaydi: Les Femmes du Maroc, Next Level 14 (White Issue), 2008, p. 30-34.

Jöel-Peter Witkin: Human Kind. Eyemazing 02/2008, p. 138-143.

PHE08: Towards New Topographies Meeting with Sérgio Mah, PHE08 new art director, Eyemazing 02/2008, p. 152-155.

June Newton aka. Alice Springs: Mirror, mirror on the wall –how am I doing as night-time falls?, Eyemazing 01/2008, p. 112-121.

Anthony Gayton: Falling Awake. Eyemazing 01/2008, p. 88-99.

Biel Capplonch, Eyemazing 04/2007, p. 78-83.

John Wood: Endurance and Suffering. Narratives of Disease in the 19th century, Eyemazing 04/2007, p. 148-159.

William Lamson. H Magazine 73, 5/2006.

Laurie Simmons, Galleries Magazine 1, Spring 2006.

Michael Wolf: Architecture of Density, H Magazine 70, 2/2006.

Getty Best Photographers 2006: Next Big Thing, H Magazine 70, 2/2006.

Sato Shintaro, H Magazine 68, 11/2005.

Sun City: Hans Heijnen y Peter Granser, H Magazine 65, 07/2005.

Johan Grimonprez: Looking for Alfred, H Magazine 62, 04/2005.

Kyoko Hamada: Historias mínimas, H Magazine 58, 12/2004.

Lauren Greenfield: Ángeles caídos, H Magazine 56, 9/2004.

Larry Fink: Apocalypse Now, H Magazine 57, 11/2004.