A Rephotographic Experience in Barcelona (2011/2013)

The aim of this educational program is to provide students with the unique opportunity to discover and explore the most emblematic corners, historical episodes and cultural landmarks of the city of Barcelona, through the practice of rephotography.

Rephotography consists in placing one’s camera where somebody else had long ago placed his. In order to do so, we reinsert old historical visual records, such as photographs, drawings or maps deposited in the collections of archives and museums, into their original context. By photographing from the same point of view a scene that has already been registered, we bring the old pictures out of their current archival context and confer them with a new life. At the same time, we create new associations and foster a novel consciousness of space and time. This fact converts the image we capture into the subsidiary product of a meditation on three subjects: the original image-maker, the image-maker who comes afterwards, and the viewer who observes both of them. In an era predominated by audiovisual devices, our program departs from the popular languages of photography and the camera, and opens up to a broader spectrum of areas, such as history, literature, and visual culture. As such, it invites its participants to become part of the complex historical and cultural identity of the city, through an accessible, interactive and amusing educational process.

Structure: Introduction-Talks  / Visit to Archives / Rephotography exercise.
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Program Record

Carleton College-Study Abroad Program (prof. John Schott), April 2013
Carleton College-Study Abroad Program (prof. John Schott), April 2011
Coordination of contents and teaching as part of my activities within the research group Arqueologia del Punt de Vista