Ojodepez 41: Self Calling (2015)

As guest editor. Spring 2015
Magazine chief editor: Arianna Rinaldo

Featured works:
1. Andi Schreiber: Pretty Please 2. Karen Miranda: Other Stories 3. Phil Toledano: Maybe 4. Daniel Halász: Family
5. Laura Lafon: You could even die for not being a real couple 6. Laís Pontes: Born Nowhere 7. Roc Herms:YO_YO_YO

Self-portraiture is one of the most common genres in photography. In their standard version, self-portraits invite to an obvious association between the subject and the idol of the camera, as well as to biopics of tormented characters. Because of the ubiquity of the selfie today, their reputation has become uncertain. However, various works published recently challenge this idea, demonstrating that the resources used in documentary photography to address reality remain inexhaustible. OjodePez dedicated its June 2015 issue, curated by Natasha Christia, to the topic of Self Calling. It did so in the firm belief that the DNA of a historical present as complex as that of today can be found within the intimate diaristic language of self-portraiture.

For the first time, the magazine launched an open call in search of work that was able to raise awareness on reality’s unknown corners –of stories that, in addition to prompting new questions, provide a new perspective on the practice and the making of documentary photography within a world in constant transformation. The works were showcased on the Facebook account of the magazine during a period of two months – July-August 2015.

Featured works SELF open call:
1. Heba Khalifa: From the Inside. 2. Alba Zari: Places. 3. Patricia Lay-Dorsey: Falling into Place. 4. Alejandra Saldaña: Madre e hija. 5. Ana Galán: Sí, moi. 6. Nina Roeder: Mutter`s Schuhe. 7. Román Yñán: Self & Son series. 8. Claire Bottomley. 9. Eugenio Grosso: Behind your Screen. 10. Nabil Boutros: Egyptians. 11. Christian Kryl: Permission 12. Gonzalo López.

Ojodepez was published by La Fabrica.