Editorial Projects Archive (2007-2011)

Ramon Masats: La Nueva Mirada.
As editor and writer.

KOWASA gallery: Barcelona, 2008.
Photographs: Ramon Masats / Essay/editing: Natasha Christia / Book design: Gabriel Espí Verdú / Translation: Piers Veness
Spanish/English edition / softcover, 100 pages / edition of 1000 copies / ISBN: 9788488314093.

There were many innovative Spanish photographers in the fifties who aspired to break from the dominating post-war formality and who aimed to bring forward a new photographic discourse related to the movements of the international avant-garde. However, none among them was destined to occupy such an exceptional position as Ramón Masats. Born early and in a casual form, his singular vision ushered in a radical modernity, profoundly marking the course that Spanish photographic art would take, always on the margin of conformities and endogamic ideologies.

Kowasa Gallery dedicated an exhibition to Ramón Masats with a catalogue of more than seventy vintage prints, the majority of which are little known and have never before been published. Special emphasis has been placed upon the years 1953-1957, when the young amateur from Terrasa was making his own way through the world of photography in search of a personal language. Our aim is twofold: firstly to underline the uniqueness of Ramón Masats, and on the other hand to stimulate a revisionist reflexion that challenges the existing need to inscribe and to pigeonhole his photographic practice in the international aesthetic movements of the era (the New Subjectivity of Otto Steinert, the documentary vision spread by “The Family of Man” show at the MoMA in 1955, and the different manifestations of the Humanist Realism in France and in Italy). It is clear that since his very first incursions into photography, the practice of Masats disobeys any concrete style. Sober but at the same time ironic, dry and realistic, yet imaginative and sarcastic, his vision is fully personal, impregnated by nature with an extraordinary intuitive instinct for detecting the “humanity of the moment”.

The exhibition Ramon Masats: La Nueva Mirada took place at KOWASA gallery from June 27 to August 2, 2008.

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