Photography and Film

The seminar examines the interferences and the dialogue established between photography and film throughout their history. At the same time, it facilitates a novel framework for the conceptualization and definition of the hybrid forms existing between the two mediums in contemporary practice.

Special emphasis is given on the properties of the photographic image, its relation with temporality, the concepts of duration and the instant and of a hybrid type of intermediate image. Departing from the notions of “durational photographs” as seen in the work of Owen Kydd, it explores the way both photography and film have dealt with duration. All this, through a series of films and filmmakers who have experimented with an intermediate, hybrid state of image, oscillating between stillness and movement: or, in more literal terms, with a category of decelerated moving image and with another category of still images that are on the verge of turning into motion.

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Course Record

Grisart International Photography School. January 2014
Grisart International Photography School. March 2013
Grisart International Photography School. March 2012
Espai Català-Roca, Barcelona, June-July 2007