About / CV

Natasha Christia is an independent writer, curator and educator based in Barcelona. She is also a collection consultant and a dealer specialized in fine art photography and photobooks.

Her research focuses on the exploration and reinvention of dominant narratives through a novel reading of archival collections, the intersection of photography, film and the photobook, and the dialogue between 20th century avant-garde photography and contemporary forms of expression often labelled as post-photography. Her penchant for “excavating” the past owes much to her diverse multidisciplinary academic background in Art History, Film Studies and Publishing.

From 2005 until 2014 she was the art director of Kowasa gallery in Barcelona, where she curated more than seventy exhibitions and designed projects that dealt with fine art photography and the independent photobook market. As a member of research group Arqueologia del Punt de Vista 2009-2012, she designed theoretical and audiovisual projects that involve the study and recovery of testimony, documents and technologies of the past.

Since 2008, she has been teaching in photography schools in Spain and abroad. She regularly contributes essays on photography criticism for international publications such as 1000 Words, and for artists such as Regine Petersen (Find a Fallen Star, Kehrer Verlag, 2015). She was the guest editor of OjodePez magazine 41: Self Calling and guest-editor at the Read or die Publishing Fair in Barcelona (November 2015), exploring the topic “The Book: on Endless Possibilities”.

Natasha Christia was the artistic director of the fourth edition of DocField Documentary Photography Festival, which was celebrated between May-July 2016. The Festival was launched under the theme “Europe: Lost in Translation” and included a series of 15 exhibitions. She has recently curated “What’s This Book? Photobooks and Multiples” (Belgrade Photo Month/ April 2016. Organ Vida Festival, Zagreb / September 2016), “Uncensored Books”, a photobook-based curatorial project (Belgrade Photomonth/April 2017, Minimum Studio/Palermo-June 2017) and A”MORE: An Unfinished Trilogy by Valentina Abenavoli” (Void / Athens Photo Festival, June 2017).

*1976, born in Athens, Greece. Lives and works in Barcelona


2002-2003 Postgraduate course on Publishing (Postgrado en Técnicas Editoriales), Programa de formació d´Editors, Universitat de Barcelona. Spanish Ministry of External Affairs Scholarship
2001-2002 MA in Art and Film Studies. Art History and Theory Department, University of Essex, UK (with distinction). Foundation Voudouris Scholarship
1994-1999 BA in Archaeology and Art. National and Kapodestrian History University of Athens (Honours)

Professional Timeline

September 2015-July 2016: DocField Festival Fotografía Documental Barcelona 2016: Guest artistic director “Europe Lost in Translation”
May 2015-September 2016: Tagomago Collectors Project. Brand identity and project development.
February 2015 to the present: As freelance curator, educator and writer

June 2014-February 2015: Editorial RM. International editions coordinator
2005-2014: KOWASA gallery. Art director
2011-2014: KOWASA photography books. Development and project coordination
2009-2015: Arqueologia del Punt de Vista. Research

2007: Bac Festival 07. LaSanta-Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (CCCB). General production coordinator, catalogue editor and assistant curator
2005: Ganga-à-porter Festival.Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (CCCB). Film section programmer
2005: Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival Images of the 21th century. International Doc Market assistant
2004: Docúpolis Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Barcelona. General production coordinator and programmer
2002-2003: H Magazine, Barcelona. Editorial assistant

2000: Museum Benaki, Athens. Byzantine and Islamic Department. Three-month internship
1998: Academy of Athens. Byzantine department. One-month internship
1997-1999: Museum of the Faculty of Arts, National and Kapodestrian University of Athens. Medieval pottery collection
1999: Naxos-Sangri excavation, Classical antiquities. Epidaurus excavation, Classical Antiquities
1996: Kardamaina excavation, Medieval Antiquities

Exhibitions (as curator)

2017 Dragana Jurisic: My Own Unknown. Irish Institute of Paris, november 2017 (upcoming)
2017 AMORE: An Unfinshed Visual Trilogy by Valentina Abenavoli. Void (Athens Photo Festival), June-July 201
2017 Santos Montes: Las olas no preguntan Festival Revela-t – Vilassar de Dalt, May 18-28, 2017
2017 Uncensored Books Minimum Studio, June 15- July 6, 2017
2017 Uncensored Books On-site Greenhouse installation with Minimum during Una marina di livri Festival – Palermo, June 2017
2017 Uncensored Books Ozone Gallery – Belgrade Photomonth, April 2017
2017 Tommaso Tanini: H. said he loved us Italian Institute – Belgrade Photomonth, April 2017

2016 What’s this Book? Greta Gallery – Organ Vida Festival. September 2016
2016 What’s this Book?
Kulturforum – Belgrade Photomonth. April 2016
2016 The European Man: Piero Martinello, Dana Popa, Michal Iwanowski, France Keyser (Palau Robert, Barcelona); within DOcField16 Europe Lost in Translation
2016 Considerations of a Non-political Man: Carlos Spottorno, Daniel Mayrit, Josep Maria de Llobet, Simone Donati, Borut Kranjnc (Nau La Bostik, Barcelona); within DOcField16 Europe Lost in Translation
2016 Myths of the Near Future: Nico Baumgarten, Carlos Alba, Julian Barón, Arnau Bach (Arts Santa Mònica); within DOcField16 Europe Lost in Translation
2016 Visages volées: Immigration Files: Seba Kurtis (French Institute, Barcelona); within DOcField16 Europe Lost in Translation
2016 YU: The Lost Country: Dragana Jurisic (Biblioteca Agustí Centelles, Barcelona), within DocField Festival “Europe Lost in Translation” 2016

2014 SELF: An exhibition on the “Other” Self-portrait Photographs and photobooks by Seba Kurtis / Eufália C Paz / Moira Ricci / María Sánchez / Lilla Szász / Román Yñán / Isabelle Wenzell (H20 Gallery. Barcelona)
2014 Appropriations of Barcelona: Archives and collections by Jordi Barón Santiago Garcés and Santos Montes (DocField 2014); Rephotographing Barcelona with Mark Klett (project commissioned by the Barcelona Photographic Archive, 2012, co-curator with Ricard Martínez); Mark Klett: Time Studies (Tagomago gallery, 2012).

Editorial projects

2015 The Book: On Endless Possibilities. Read or Die Publishing Fair, The Folio Club 2016. As author and guest editor.
2015  Self Calling. Ojodepez Magazine Issue 42, June 2015. As guest editor.

2012 Refotografiar Barcelona amb Mark Klett. Exhibition catalogue, Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona. As editor and author.

2009 Emporio. La Santa Cultura Visual vol. 3, 2009. Introduction and essays on the 23 featured visual artists. As editor and author.
2009 Darius Koehli: BCN Fashion Beach. KOWASA gallery: Barcelona, 2009. As editor.

2008 Ultramarinos. La Santa Cultura Visual vol. 2. Introduction and essays on the 23 featured visual artists. As editor and author.
2008 Ramon Masats: La Nueva Mirada. KOWASA gallery: Barcelona, 2008. As editor.

WRITING Reviews / essays for magazines

2017 Laia Abril. Lobismuller. 1000 Words 24, Winter issue 2017.

2016 James Pfaff. Alex & Me. 1000 Words 23, Autumn issue 2016.
2016 Dragana Jurisic. My Own Unknown. 1000 Words 22, Spring issue 2016.
2016 Vittorio Mortarotti. The First Day of Good Weather. 1000 Words 21. Winter Issue 2016.

2015 On Devastation and other Stories. An Entry on Regine Petersen. Photocaptionist 2015.

2014 La Kursala. Aperture Photobook Review 007.

2013 Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Dear Clark, 1000 Words 16, Autumn issue 2013.
2013 Rinko Kawauchi, Sheets. Book press release. Kominek books, 2013.
2013 Misha Kominek, Strangers in Paradise. Book press release. Kominek books, 2013.
2013 Misha Kominek, First Journey Home. Book press release. Kominek books, 2013.

2012 Alexandra Catiere, Here, beyond the mists, 1000 Words 16, Fall issue 2012.
2012 Robert Capa: Cuadernos de guerra en España (1936-1987 /Robert Capa: Photographs 1985 / Robert Capa: Paragraphic 1969 / Robert Capa: Images of War, 1964 / Robert Capa, War Photographs, 1960. A series on articles on the history of the Robert Capa photobooks: Robert Capa en la historia del fotolibro. Exhibition blog La Maleta Mexicana, MNAC 2011-2012.

2011 Rinko Kawauchi, Illuminance, 1000 Words 12, Fall issue 2011.
2011 Martina Hoogland-Ivanow, Far Too Close , 1000 Words 11, Spring issue 2011.
2011 Tereza Zelenková, Supreme Vice, 1000 Words 10, Winter issue 2011.

2010 Melinda Gibson, The Photograph as Contemporary Art, 1000 Words 9, Fall issue 2010.
2010 José Ramón Bas, NDAR,Vu Mag 5 (collections), p. 53.
2010 Emily Hanako Momohara, Koden: Images from Funeral Homes, 1000 Words 8, Summer issue 2010.
2010 Hellen van Meene: Tout va a disparaitre, 1000 Words 7, Spring issue 2010.

2009 Lilian Bassman/Paul Himmel, Eyemazing 04/2009.
2009 Anthony Gayton: Beautiful Freaks, Eyemazing 04/2009.
2009 Kelli Connell: Double Life, 1000 Words 6, Spring issue 2009.
2009 Steve McCurry: The Unguarded Moment, Eyemazing 03/2009.
2009 Theresia Viska: La Dance Française, Eyemazing 03/2009.
2009 Jen Davis: Self-Portraits, 1000 Words 5, Summer issue 2009.
2009 Miroslav Tichý: Forbidden Gaze, Eyemazing 02/2009.
2009 Vladimír Židlický: Beneath the Skin, Eyemazing 02/2009.
2009 Czech Photography in the 20th Century: Interview with curator Vladimír Birgus. Eyemazing 02/20009.
2009 Martin Parr: Mexico, Photoicon, 05/2009.
2009 Izima Kaoru: Landscapes with a Corpse, 1000 Words 4, Spring issue 2009.
2009 Gerardo and Fernando Montiel Klint: Matehuala, Eyemazing 01/2009, p. 82-91.
2009 Gonzalo Bénard: The Awakening of the Self, Eyemazing 01/2009, p. 134-141.

2008 Dana Popa: Not Natasha. Next Level 16 (Autograph Issue), 2008, p. 074-079.
2008 Trinidad Carrillo: Naini and the Sea of Wolves. Conversation with Trinidad Carrillo, 1000 Words 3, Winter issue 2008.
2008 Ixone Sádaba: Poètique de la Desaparition, Eyemazing 04/2008, p. 142-149.
2008 Marcos López: Sub-realismo criollo. Eyemazing 03/2008, p. 64-69.
2008 Lalla A. Essaydi: Les Femmes du Maroc, Next Level 14 (White Issue), 2008, p. 30-34.
2008 Jöel-Peter Witkin: Human Kind. Eyemazing 02/2008, p. 138-143.
2008 PHE08: Towards New Topographies Meeting with Sérgio Mah, PHE08 new art director, Eyemazing 02/2008, p. 152-155.
2008 June Newton aka. Alice Springs: Mirror, mirror on the wall –how am I doing as night-time falls?, Eyemazing 01/2008, p. 112-121.
2008 Anthony Gayton: Falling Awake. Eyemazing 01/2008, p. 88-99.

2007 Biel Capplonch, Eyemazing 04/2007, p. 78-83.
2007 John Wood: Endurance and Suffering. Narratives of Disease in the 19th century, Eyemazing 04/2007, p. 148-159.

2006 William Lamson. H Magazine 73, 5/2006.
2006 Laurie Simmons, Galleries Magazine 1, Spring 2006.
2006 Michael Wolf: Architecture of Density, H Magazine 70, 2/2006.
2006 Getty Best Photographers 2006: Next Big Thing, H Magazine 70, 2/2006.

2005 Sato Shintaro, H Magazine 68, 11/2005.
2005 Sun City: Hans Heijnen y Peter Granser, H Magazine 65, 07/2005.
2005 Johan Grimonprez: Looking for Alfred, H Magazine 62, 04/2005.

2004 Kyoko Hamada: Historias mínimas, H Magazine 58, 12/2004.
2004 Lauren Greenfield: Ángeles caídos, H Magazine 56, 9/2004.
2004 Larry Fink: Apocalypse Now, H Magazine 57, 11/2004.

Writing / Essays for artists, exhibitions and books

2016 Radicalia. Short exhibition essay for Piero Martinello’s Radicalia exhibition, Rencontres d’Arles 2016
2016 ¿Cómo unas fotos de estudio acabaron siendo material de una exposición en la Tate Modern? La historia de Foto Ramblas (1956-1998). Short essay for the Fotoramblas chapter of the exhibition Quadrilàter, Fundación Setba, Barcelona.

2015 Regine Petersen: Find a Fallen Star. Essay accompanying the homonym book by Regine Petersen: Find a Fallen Star. Kehrer, 2015.

2013 Lina V Persson: As rhythm was slow. Contributing essay to the artist’s exhibition, Impossible Barcelona, November-December 2013.
Trinidad Carrillo: The Name from Mars. The essay has appeared alongside Johanna Willenfelt’s text in the artist’s self-published book The Name from Mars. Göteborg, Sweden, 2013.
2013 José Antonio Carrera: Dream Street, galería Tagomago, Barcelona, Marzo 2012.

2012 El taller con Mark Klett / The workshop with Mark Klett, in Refotografiar Barcelona amb Mark Klett. Exhibition catalogue (essay in Spanish-Catalan-English), Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona, January 2012.

2011 Jordi Gual: Unstable Balance, galería Tagomago, Barcelona, February 2011.

2009 Retratos de familia: Jordi Gual-Caterina Barjau / Family Portraits: Jordi Gual-Caterina Barjau. Exhibition essay, in Spanish and in English of the exhibition “Retratos de familia”, held at the Tagomago gallery,Barcelona, in January 2009.
2009 Anthony Gayton, Behold the Man. Catalogue essay in Spanish and in English of the Anthony Gayton show at the MITO Gallery,Barcelona, in November 2009.
2009 Emporio. La Santa Cultura Visual vol. 3, 2009. Introduction and essays on the 23 featured visual artists.

2008 Los collages sonoros de Giambliss Giobbi / The sonorous collages of Giambliss Giobbi. Catalogue essay in Spanish and in English of the Chambliss Giobbi show held at the MiTO gallery, Barcelona, in November 2008.
2008 Ramón Masats. La Nueva Mirada. Catalogue essay in Spanish and in English of the homonymous exhibition held at KOWASA gallery, Barcelona, in June 2008.
2008 Katherine di Turi: Glamorous Day-Dream. Essay in Spanish and in English of the exhibition “Katherine di Turi. Glamorous Day-Dream” held at Square Studio, Barcelona in April 2008.
2008 Ultramarinos. La Santa Cultura Visual vol. 2, 2008. Introduction and essays on the 23 featured visual artists.
Brian Dettmer, The Cemetery of Forgotten Books. Catalogue essay in Spanish and in English of the Brian Dettmer show at the MITO Gallery, Barcelona, in January 2008.

2007 BAC! Festival 07: Babylon. Introductory catalogue of the group exhibition held at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (28-11/22-12-2007), La Santa Editorial: Barcelona, November 2007.

Brand identity / Creative writing

2015 Tagomago Collectors Project. Web platform and statement.
2013 Oyyo (Sweden): Brand launch – Campaign Nº1 – booklet – website 2013
2013 Via Snella (Sweden): Brand launch – website – campaigns AW 2012-2013 / SS 11 / AW 10-11 /AW 09 /SS 09 /SS 10
2013 Après Ski (Spain): Twilight Collection 2013
2011 Cecilia Sörensen (Finland): Fashion designer profile (“About” section)

TeachingAs participating professor
Dissemination of Photographic Contents. Seeway Photography School. Barcelona, Spring/Fall 2017
The Grammar of Photography: Aesthetics. Elisava School of Photography and Design. Master of Photography and Design. Autumn/Fall 2016
Creative Writing / How to write a Statement. Elisava School of Photography and Design. Master of Photography and Design. Spring/Fall 2017/2016
Curso de Creación de Proyectos. Grisart International Photography School. 2017 / 2016 / 2015 / 2014 / 2013
Exhibition installations / Instalación expositiva. El Observatorio. October 2016-January 2017
Blow-Up: Photography & Film (seminar/masterclass). Grisart International Photography School. January 2014 / March 2013 / March 2012 / HAS MFA Berlin Program. Berlin. May 2, 2016 / April 18, 2015. Espai Català-Roca, Barcelona, June-July 2007
Hello Photography! Trends in Contemporary Photography. Espai Català-Roca, Barcelona, May-June 2015
A Rephotographic Experience in Barcelona. Carleton College-Study Abroad Program (prof. John Schott), As member of Arqueologia del Punt de Vista. April 2013 / Carleton College-Study Abroad Program (prof. John Schott). As member of Arqueologia del Punt de Vista. April 2011
Fashion Photography: Art or profession of the enfants terribles? Espai Català-Roca, Barcelona, June-July 2008